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Master of Public Health


Health Science and Human Ecology

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Neal Malik


In the U.S. there continues to be public health concerns behind alcohol related motor-vehicle accidents, as the yearly death continues to remain high. University students are a population of interest, as the age group found in these institutions closely matches the age range of most alcohol related accidents. University students already experience health related problems with their drinking & driving behaviors. Literature supports that university students are more susceptible to drinking and driving when compared to those that don’t attend. This study focused on determining whether a relationship existed between university demographics (age, gender, and student classification) and their drinking and driving behaviors. The data was gathered by sending out a mass distribution email out to all enrolled students attending a public university during the spring 2022 semester and inviting them to a 10 question survey. The survey data was analyzed to determine if there were any statistically significant differences behind the respondents' answer choices. A secondary analysis was also conducted to determine the strength of an association between the variables of interest. The results obtained demonstrated that university students within some, but not all, demographics are more likely to participate in these risky behaviors. Ultimately, this research builds on the need for policy reform and future research in order to create safer roads for the general public.