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Master of Social Work


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Lanesskog, Deirdre


This study will focus on exploring the competency of social workers who provide services to Latino immigrant clients, who are court-ordered to complete services, meaning that a juvenile court has had to remove the child from their parents due to abuse or neglect. When social services practitioners provide service to Latino immigrant clients, it is important for them to be familiarized with the culture, beliefs, and behaviors to better understand and serve the population.

This qualitative study used a snowball sampling method to interview six Southern California social workers in two different child welfare agencies via Zoom. The participants were employed with either the International Liaison Unit, Jurisdiction Disposition Unit or Children Policy Unit. The interviews were conducted using an interview guide designed by the researchers.

A key finding of this research was that social workers assess their own competency using three themes that are experience, connecting/relating to the client, and relying on other coworkers/own research.

The researchers also identified that additional training, bringing awareness to the centralized unit that assists in working with his population and having supportive supervisors would all benefit social workers competency.

A suggestion for future research is to increase sample size by connecting with different agencies initially.

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