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Master of Social Work


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Rigaud Joseph


The social work profession vows to defend society’s most vulnerable populations, including undocumented immigrants. Yet, how immigration is perceived in social work education and the extent to which social works schools are integrated this concept in their mission statements and/or social media pages remain understudied in the existing literature. This study is a mixed-methods content analysis of 133 social work schools accredited (or in the process of accreditation) by the Council of Social Work Education (N = 133). It was hypothesized that the proportion of social work schools that overtly/covertly mentioned immigration in their mission statements and Facebook pages will be less than 50%. Quantitative findings support this hypothesis, while qualitative results (1) social work schools only make an abstract reference to immigration in their mission statements and (2) schools of social work integrate and embrace immigration more through there Facebook pages than their mission statements. A discussion of these findings for theory, research, social work practice, and social work education is provided.

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