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Master of Social Work


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Davis, Thomas


Minimal research has been conducted to evaluate the effects COVID-19 has had on social service providers and their ability to deliver services to the homeless population during the pandemic. This research study seeks to focus on three areas that include: the mental health of the social service providers, the ability to adapt and provide services to the homeless population through telehealth, and the available resources social service providers were able to access to assist their clientele. To explore the impact of COVID-19 on social service providers who work with the homeless population, a qualitative cross-sectional research study was conducted through structured interviews. COVID-19 has brought unforeseen challenges for everyone but especially for social service providers who are trying to continue the provision of services to such a vulnerable population. Researchers hope to provide social work practice with a better understanding of how to support social service providers and people experiencing homelessness during an unforeseen crisis or pandemic.