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Master of Social Work


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Carolyn McAllister


The high burnout levels and low retention rates of social workers prove to be significant problems for social service agencies across the country who are experiencing employee shortages and providing a less than adequate grade of customer service as a result. This quantitative study assesses the deficiency of resilience-based skills amongst MSW graduate students who are currently employed/interning within the social services agencies across Southern California State Counties in hopes that these deficiencies may be addressed in the future. This cross-sectional study utilized an exploratory research design and consisted of a self-administered questionnaire which was electronically provided to its participants. The data collected suggests that the age of the participants and the higher the length of time working within the social work field, resulted in higher levels of confidence and character as related to resiliency levels. The findings of this research on resilience contributes to social work practice by informing the implementation phase of the Generalist Intervention Model.

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