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Master of Social Work


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Carolyn McAllister, MSW, PhD



Child neglection has been a concerning topic in today's society. Therefore, parent classes have been implemented as a method of prevention services. Through evidence-based interventions and the effective outcomes programs parenting classes have stopped incidents of child neglect and abuse by providing parents with the knowledge, education, and skills to prevent this from occurring. This research was qualitative, and the data collected allowed the researcher to discover the outcomes of how parent education can prevent child neglect. This study had 15 participants, 8 parents, and 7 social workers (N = 15). The findings from this research both from a parent and social work perspective pinpoint how parenting classes educate parents on child neglect and provide them with the tools they need to improve parenting. In addition, parent classes educate parents on how child neglect can be prevented and the importance of its awareness today. The overall purpose of this study was to help future studies obtain more insight into how parent education can prevent child neglect.

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