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Master of Social Work


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Dr. Rosemary McCaslin


The purpose of this study was to explore self-care strategies among parents with a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The study used a survey design to detect the extent to which respondents used self-care strategies to alleviate high stress levels associated with caring for an ASD child. The study was comprised of twenty eight respondents. The study found that the higher the level of education completed by the parent the greater the likelihood that self-care strategies were utilized. The study also found that the age of the ASD child was a factor in the level of physical self-care being incorporated among parents. Psychological self-care was also found to affect other categories of self-care. Both females and males listed lack of time as the greatest obstacle in implementing self-care. The study recommends that viewing self-care as important and finding small ways to incorporate self-care strategies might well improve other areas of parent well-being.

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