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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies



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London, Robert


The goal of this project is to develop anthropological and science-based curricula that will emphasize a place-based approach while actively engaging students in their education. I developed two curricula for elementary aged students in San Bernardino. The first curriculum was based anthropologically on the local history of indigenous groups and early San Bernardino history. The second was based on paleontology here in California with a focus on dinosaurs and fossils.

To improve and validate the curricula I sent the examples to educational experts and had them critique the lessons and information provided. Then I used their input to improve the curricula to provide lessons that help teachers with the required units they have teach to the students.

The results of this project are, I created two curricula that can be used in my presentation business. The first being early San Bernardino history and the other being Paleontology and California dinosaurs. These curricula are meant to provide teachers with extra resources when teaching these units and to give the students a fun way to learn these subjects required by the standards from State of California teaching guidelines. The results data from the experts guided the building of my curricula on early San Bernardino history and California dinosaurs and fossils.