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Master of Social Work


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Joseph, Rigaud


Many formerly incarcerated (FI) individuals choose education to increase the chances of success and lower recidivism. Various interventions like mentoring and reentry programs help alleviate challenges and promote the success of FI students. One reentry program that offers educational and case management services to FI students is Project Rebound (PR). An initiative of the California State University system, PR seeks to enhance student success through support and connections with campus and community resources. However, there is a lack of research on PR's effectiveness. This study attempted to fill this literature gap by exploring the question: How do Project Rebound participants perceive the program's impact on their lives? This study took a qualitative approach toward answering the question by conducting semi-structured interviews with alumni of one PR program (N = 7). Thematic analysis of the data revealed that 1) PR alumni have positive views of the program; 2) PR alumni's program views reflect material services received; 3) PR provides varied services that prove vital to alumni success; and 4) PR has room for improvement. The findings in this study carry major implications for social work, PR, and criminal justice stakeholders by giving voice to a marginalized group and revealing the utility of a social program designed to help members of that population.

Keywords: formerly incarcerated, recidivism, reentry programs, Project Rebound, qualitative research