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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Davis, Thomas



The purpose of the research study is to gather information regarding the opinions, ideas, thoughts, and attitudes of men regarding mental health and mental health seeking behaviors. Insight into these areas will be obtained in order to acquire sufficient information to further contribute to more positive outcomes for males in regard to mental health. Information gathered may contribute to more effective clinical work with men and engage men in healthier attitudes towards mental health.

The underutilization of services is disproportionately reflective of men not adequately being served, either by their own actions, or the actions of providers.

Significance of the findings seeks to contribute to adequate facilitation of services to men and to increase awareness among social work practitioners as to the conflict some men face in dealing with their mental health.

The research method intended for this proposed study include a general survey consisting of a Likert scale form of questioning with and two short answer questions available online via Qualtrics. All data gathered will be analyzed with statistical analysis and deemed as both qualitative and quantitative.

A proposed study such as this is significant to the field of social work and touches upon some of the core values of social work practice including social justice, service, worth of a person, and importance of human relationships. In addition, it impacts each branch of social work focus micro, mezzo, and macro levels.