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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


Information and Decision Sciences

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Dr. Benjamin Becerra


The motor vehicle industry has been the leading consumer of fossil fuel worldwide resulting in adverse effects on the environment. This study used secondary sources of information from previous research in scholarly journals, Google scholar as well as eBooks, case studies, science direct, research gate, and google books to investigate. The findings show that some of the major milestones achieved in the electric car development include: the reduction of charging time for effectiveness in use, the introduction of supercapacitors that ensures increased charge storage, and with greater effective electromotive force. Additionally, some governments in developed countries do offer subsidies to support electric car manufacturing companies and customers purchasing electric vehicles in order to meet their carbon dioxide pollution reduction obligations, reduce production costs, and make EVs more affordable. Additional findings include: the belief that Electric Vehicles have adverse effects on the environment compared to standard vehicles, that this is due to the fact that a lot of fossil fuels are consumed during the manufacturing of Electric vehicles. The conclusion is that more research and study should be done to provide insight into the manufacturing process of Electric Vehicles. There is not much data available to conclude a strong foothold regarding fossil fuel consumption when making Electric Vehicles. Areas for further study include: investigating the current state of more efficient energy storage technologies, longevity of storage batteries beyond current 5-7 years of life.