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Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering

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Zhang, Yan


The Ahmedabad City App is a city guide app that provides information on the city's accessible resources. The project's goal is to provide a concrete, one-stop platform for finding information on all of Ahmedabad's accessible resources. The main goal is to simplify the railway's schedule and make it easier for customers to get from one point to another swiftly and safely. Emergency connections such as the blood bank, fire department, police station, and hospitals will be included in the app. Restaurants and picnic areas are also included in the rejuvenation process.

The proposed system uses SQLite as the database and uses Android SDK and XML to build the frontend of the app. It exploits the MVC Design Pattern as an architectural pattern to foster separation of concerns in the app.

The Ahmedabad City App will foster a sense of belonging and connection among the city's residents, bridging the divide.