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Master of Social Work


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Barragan, Armando


The purpose of this study was to determine whether the integration of trauma-based counseling programs into the school systems would significantly impact students who have been affected by trauma. In addition, this study discusses the importance of implementing school-based, trauma-informed programs to assist trauma-impacted students in addressing student mental health, school achievement, and school dropout rates. This paper examines interviews of clinicians who work at a school-based, trauma-informed program and have first-hand knowledge of working with trauma-impacted students. This study is an exploratory, qualitative study design that utilized non-probability/purposive sampling via in-depth interviews to gather data to study the tangible impact of a school-based, trauma-informed treatment program. The findings of this study have provided insight into whether school-based, trauma-informed programs improve student mental health, school achievement, and school dropout rates. In addition, this study has provided evidence that more social workers will be needed in working with the population of trauma-impacted students.