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Master of Science in Computer Science


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Gomez, Ernesto


The Android-based application helps users to book a parking slot at the desired location also for a specific time. The main aim of this project is to convert the existing manual system where users need to go to the place and get to know about the pricing and also if they are available to fully online. In this Project, the users will need to register first by entering all the details, and on successfully registering they will be able to log in through the app. After logging in, the user can either look for parking slots nearest to their location or can also look for lots at a specific location by entering the area code. After entering the user can reserve the parking spot and will be followed up with acknowledgment. The confirmation will be sent regarding the booking. This will be useful to users and parking lot owners to book and also add their area with pricing and the number of spots available for easy and safe booking.