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Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology



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Agars, Mark


Dual earner families are on a rise and there has been an increase of men participating in household responsibilities. Gender roles ideologies and identity salience influence how the division of labor is distributed within a household and may relate to work-family conflict in fathers when participating more in household responsibilities. The purpose of the present study was to examine the impact of household responsibilities on working fathers’ experiences of work-family conflict and well-being, and to consider potential moderating effects of gender role ideology and identity salience. Results supported a positive relationship between household responsibilities and perceived stress in working fathers. Further, gender role ideology moderated the relationship between household responsibilities and work-family conflict. Specifically, the relationship between household responsibilities and work-family conflict was stronger for working fathers with traditional gender role ideologies than those with egalitarian gender role ideologies. These results add to the growing evidence demonstrating the importance of studying the work family experiences of working fathers.