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Master of Social Work


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McAllister, Carolyn


This study explored social worker’s perspectives on the challenges and rewards of working with the aging population. The study used 23 social worker participants completed a questionnaire focused on the work of gerontological social work. The participants gave their perspective on the need for more social workers to work with this population, and how to promote that need. The entire study was completed using Survey Monkey online, via a link that was provided to a major Southern California hospital through flyers and emails. This study was a descriptive study to gain an understanding of the major concerns and views of gerontological social work. The data analysis consisted of completing analysis via SPSS and coding the open-ended questions. The findings included that there is need for more knowledge, training, and certain skills that social workers need to possess to work most effectively with the aging population. The implications include that it would be beneficial for universities to promote more concentration in Geriatrics and trainings in the work field focused in healthcare programs specifically for the elderly.

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