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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


Information and Decision Sciences

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Dr. Joon Son


This project is an experimental implementation of Multi-Level Security (MLS) lattice model by using semantic web technologies (OWL) to create and test Mandatory Access Control (MAC) with Bell-LaPadula (BLP) properties. Semantic web (web of data) is building on top of the World Wide Web (web of documents), aiming to make data machine-readable so that to improve data processing and management. OWL is a semantic web computational logic-base language which is designed to represent complex knowledge in semantic format. With the MLS ontology, we are able to define dominance relationship between variables within the lattice model and perform different queries to verify if the subject (with security clearance) can access (read/write) to the object (with security classification). Moreover, by leveraging BLP properties, the ontology would only allow information to flow from entities with lower classification to entities with higher classification.