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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


Information and Decision Sciences

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Benjamin Becerra


E-commerce business is the most trending business in the entire world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global market of e-commerce is much more active than the traditional in-store market. Over the period, people used the internet more, which has incentivized them to shop online because it saves time and effort.

Specifically, in Latin America, the E-Commerce business is expanding at a tremendous rate. In particular, Brazil is a major business hub when we consider an e-commerce business since it has given a major impact on the world‘s total e-commerce business. Olist, the main e-commerce company which helps other marketers to cater to consumers globally, has made a good impact in Brazil. The company has a better market capture in Brazil as compared to Amazon and Alibaba. Many companies throughout the world which work on the idea of helping other startup companies to reach the customers to the global market and Mirakl is a similar e-commerce company which is baked and operates in Paris. The major reason for selecting this company is that despite being a startup, Olist has evolved with great numbers throughout its 6 years of timespan. This company has made remarkable progress in Brazil where Amazon and other leading companies have not been accepted. The biggest investor Goldsman Sachs has currently invested in the company because of its revenue generation and expected future growth.

The analysis in this project emphasizes the revenue generation of the company based on various product parameters. The major impact on any company’s revenue is created by its customers' reviews. It has been observed over a period that the new evolving companies have never been given focus, compared to all the e-commerce companies. Olist has given equal opportunity to all the startup companies to establish in the market and understand their product feedback through them. Although I have access to data sets from Amazon and Alibaba, I chose Olist for this project because the company: (1) is in an emerging market, (2) provides equal opportunity for all its partners to compete at a global scale, (3) focuses on the product and customers relationship relatively well, and (4) it has potential for growth in developing and developed economies at a global scale. The PowerBI tool was used to create a visualization for all the analyses. The major findings were: (1) the customers have given ratings above average for all the product categories, (2) There is an inverse relationship between product price and product rating, (3) The major customer base is in Brazil, eastern United States and some parts of Europe. The main conclusion is: (1) the company’s revenue is generated through their product and customer’s feedback, (2) being an emerging company with a small time span, the company has made great progress in market penetration. It is recommended that the company should focus on the customer's reviews and rating so that they can understand the customer’s needs and wants, the company should focus on products depending on the region where the customer belongs, also it should focus on the region where there is less impact of Olist. Areas for further study could be different product parameters that could be added to the list over the period with respect to the region.