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Master of Arts in Social Sciences and Globalization


Social Sciences

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Grisham, Kevin


The growing presence of the far right in both internet and physical spaces is of concern because of the associated violence and civil unrest. The presence of the far right on the internet is historical and persistent. It is used by the far right movement to engage, radicalize, fellowship, plan and execute events, some of which are violent. This thesis explores the ways in which the far right uses online spaces and offline spaces in tandem, and how the use of imagery facilitates this process. To do this a visual and audio analysis was conducted on 100 videos posted to the social media site Parler on January 6, 2021. The videos were analyzed for far right related imagery and songs, chants, and narration to help shed light on how cyberspace and real life space not only worked in tandem, but in this event, became one and the same. The analysis found that while certain high profile far right groups kept their imagery visibility low, America First had a visible presence and they engaged in rhetoric decrying globalization and immigrants, which is of concern as it is the unifying theme nurturing growing global ties among the far right. The results also demonstrated the tension between pro law enforcement and antigovernment far right groups as well as the far rights weaponization of patriotic symbols.