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Master of Public Health


Health Science and Human Ecology

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Dr. Marsha Greer


Despite the many weight loss options available, the majority of overweight and obese individuals who try to lose or maintain weight loss are unsuccessful. This lack of success has been the focus of extensive research. In an attempt to develop more effective modalities, researchers have identified several predictors of weight loss success. However, the efficacy of diets is still limited.

For many, this lack of weight loss success may be due to issues such as depression, loneliness, anxiety, lack of support, or other environmental factors that may be imperceptibly related to food and exercise. Repeated dieting failures may produce feelings of deprivation, low self-esteem, reduced self-efficacy, and dietary rebellion. For these individuals, a more holistic approach to addressing weight-related issues may be more effective and is the impetus for the development of this project.

This project was developed utilizing several previously identified predictors of weight loss success, holistic and weight loss models, along with several self-help lay publications. This resulted in the development of a unique, holistic, self-care guide that is easily individualized and based on personal weight management needs. Individuals can potentially identify their unique physical, emotional, and spiritual motives for overeating or lack of physical activity, and design their own plan of action; potentially providing themselves with a new level of health and happiness not previously realized.