Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art



First Reader/Committee Chair

Alison Ragguette


Amber Shanice Bowser

Artist Statement

My work is influenced not only by the underrepresentation of Black women in the art world of today, but also in our past and in our day to day lives as a whole. My work heavily incorporates the use of different Black hairstyles and beauty to represent familiarity to my culture while also showcasing the beauty in our versatility to another.

I use mix media such as oil paints, graphite pencils, synthetic hair, clay, and digital media in my artwork as well to add abundant elements of texture throughout. The use of lots of neutral tones in my work like warm to light browns is extremely important to me in order to represent our wide range of melanated skin and the significance of that in our community.

The overall vision for my work is to uplift Black women to see themselves in a light that represents their worth in this world that is so underappreciated. I want to showcase our beauty in ways that are not seen in the typical art galleries. We are Queens and we will be beautifully framed! Being a Black woman myself, I strive to represent the beauty that is within me and to help other Black women as well as young Black girls to see the beauty within themselves as well.