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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership and Curriculum

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Dr. Enrique Murillo


The purpose of this study was to explore factors that contribute to the development of Latino parental leadership. The research project was a qualitative phenomenological study with semi-structured interviews and further triangulated through archival data and a focus group interview through the theoretical framework of community cultural wealth. Themes emerged listening to parent testimonios, themes such as Identidad (Identity), Capacitarme (Equipping myself), Ganas de Aprender (Willingness to learn), and Soy el vehiculo de mi Comunidad (I am the vessel of my community). The findings conclude Latino parent leadership derives out of necessity to support their children in their educational journey and a need for their community to have guidance and the resources readily accessible. The results also conclude that Latino parent leadership occurs through cultural brokers (teachers, administrators, and parents) who connect and empower parents to take on leadership roles and provide a space to activate parent voice on school campuses. The data led the researcher to conceptualize a model on how Latino Parent Leadership occurs in cyclical stages. The stages reveal community cultural wealth traits that benefit the parent at the early stages of parental leadership development and, in the end, become a communal gain resource. Recommendations for future studies on Latino Parent Leadership are needed to explore the effects their leadership development correlates with the success of their children’s education.

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