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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Herbert, Shon


Burnout is a topic of significant consideration in social work. The present study intended to generate findings to address the student burnout phenomenon and offer suggestive means for advancing social work practice through mediating factors. The research followed a descriptive quantitative study design that focused on investigating the relationship between academic burnout among MSW and BASW students and field practicum satisfaction. Self-administered surveys were administered using the Qualtrics system, and the statistical analysis was conducted using SPPS version 21. Findings indicated a moderate-high burnout effect among MSW and BASW students with a positive association with age and a decreased satisfaction with field practicum experience. Results suggest the existence of buffering effects that may protect students from worsening burnout outcomes. Findings indicate the need to increase awareness of academic burnout and its adverse impact, assess students' needs and educational barriers, and evaluate social work programs' operations to identify areas for improvement.