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Master of Social Work


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Smith, Laurie. (Ph.D., Dr.).


One in five adult Americans grew up with an alcoholic in their household whether it may be their father, mother, relative, or guardian. There are substantial risk factors associated with living with an alcoholic and being a child of an alcoholic. The trauma experienced by adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) and their development of psychological and behavioral problems were investigated in this research study. Individuals who were 18 years and older and has at least one parent or guardian that was an alcoholic were interviewed regarding their childhood life of growing up in an alcoholic household and what barriers or experiences they faced as well as how they believe it has affected them now as adults. This narrative analysis discovered what psychological and behavioral problems adult children of alcoholics developed due to the types of trauma they endured. These findings indicated that the types of trauma experienced by the ACOA were chaotic environments, physical and emotional neglect, parentification, and financial hardships. The psychological and behavioral problems found were depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger and aggression, unstable and unhealthy relationships, and drug and alcohol use. The research determined that all subjects had at least one supportive non-alcoholic figure in their lives who helped them overcome the negative experiences of being and ACOA which limited comparisons to ACOA with no such figure. Further research should be conducted on this topic to gain a better overall understanding of ACOA and their experiences as well as taking into consideration individuals of different cultures and ethnicities to view differences in trauma and outcomes which was unable to be determined by this study. A more in-depth understanding of ACOA will increase awareness of this topic and population as well as provide effective and needed help for suffering adult children of alcoholics and improve their overall well-being and emotional stability.

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