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Master of Arts in Communication Studies


Communication Studies

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Taylor, Julie


Concepts found in organizational socialization and culturally responsive pedagogy, were used in this project. The focus was on the veteran population who are leaving the unique organizations of the military to transition into higher education. Differences in socialization techniques used by the military and higher education are vastly different and contribute to unique outcomes for the new members. In this project, veterans were represented as a unique culture to consider in the classrooms of higher education as instructors prepare to use a culturally responsive approach to teaching. This project was created using an autoethnographic process using self-reflection through a narrative lens. The process was an iterative task used to identify elements to include in the guidebook. Academic databases were used to identify extant studies related to veterans transitioning to higher education. Findings in the existing literature were used as reflections to journal my own lived experiences. Beneficial data was collected and used to create a guidebook of best practices for instructors of veterans in higher education. The project was designed to contribute to the existing literature surrounding veterans in higher education, by providing a resource designed for use in college classrooms with veteran students. Suggestions for implementation were provided.