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The following study explored the factors effecting client’s return to skilled nursing facilities post-discharge, from the perspective of the social workers and social services staff working within skilled nursing facilities. The significance of this research was to gain a better understanding from the individuals working closest to the problem, and to use the information gained to develop further research regarding the issue of rapid-readmission post discharge. This study was qualitative with the use of an interview guide. Audio data was collected through 9 Zoom interviews and then transcribed for content analysis. Through content analysis the researchers examined the respondent’s answers looking for four common themes. Within these themes, the issue of homelessness, income, discharge location, substance abuse/mental health, the effectiveness of home health agencies, lack of family support, and the client’s own self-neglect/non-compliance with treatment were amongst the most common topics to be brought up by respondents. Understanding these common themes and issues impacts both the social worker and the client, by providing an understanding of which policies and practices are successful or not successful both within skilled nursing facilities and out in the community.

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