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Master of Social Work


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Barragan, Armando


The purpose of the research disclosed in this study is to describe the experiences and hardships caregivers in the Latinx community face. In order to understand the psychosocial challenges that Latinx caregivers experience, the study compared Latinx to non-Latinx caregivers in order to answer the question, “What psychosocial challenges do Latinx caregivers experience?” A convenience sample of twelve caregivers were interviewed. The qualitative approach used in this study allowed a better insight into the problem which could bring public awareness and provide better resources to this population. The exploratory study was directed by a series of questions which were open-ended questions that covered topics related to burnout, stress, financial strains, and lack of support systems. The analysis of the data was reviewed and highlighted repeated themes in the interviews. With the lack of research on this population, it allows social workers to consider other possible factors when providing aid to the caregiver population.