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Master of Social Work


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Barragan, Armando


The purpose of this quantitative research study is to address the effects of familismo on anxiety levels for Latino adults. In this study, the research takes a deeper look into the cultural aspects of familismo and the increased levels of anxiety for the Latino population. This study defines familismo through the concepts of honor, support, interconnectedness, and subjugation of self for family. This study defines the Latino population as individuals from the Caribbean, South America, and Central America. The concept of familismo needs to be addressed due to the lack of knowledge in social work of this area, as it will contribute to the overall wellbeing of mental health for Latino young adults who have anxiety. For this study, a quantitative methodology design was utilized to examine and explore the relationship between familismo and anxiety levels. For this study, a link was provided though social media platforms for participants to take a survey to measure their anxiety levels and their connection to familismo. A random sample from the online survey consisted of 76 Latino adults with ages ranging from 18-59, was gathered the data through a link provided on multiple social media websites. Aggregated data was collected from Qualtrics and then ran through SPSS for data analysis. The results showed that there were no significant findings between familismo and anxiety levels for Latino adults. However, there was an unexpected positive correlation between gender and anxiety levels, and country of origin and anxiety levels that was found as a result of this study.

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