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Master of Social Work


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Sapozhnikov, Brooklyn


The LGBTQ community has been viewed as a high-risk group for mental health disorders. Untreated mental health disorders place members in this group at a higher rate for substance use and chronic medical illness. This study examined perceived barriers members from the LGBTQ community face when accessing mental health services. The chosen paradigm structure has a focus on human behavior which is conducive in exploring the study question that addresses specific barriers that the LGBTQ community may perceive as harmful. This study found barriers present internally and externally within the LGBTQ community. Internally within the LGBTQ community a fear of harm and discrimination contributed to avoidance when accessing mental health services. Externally perceived biases, pressure into unnecessary treatments, and exposure to a potentially dangerous environment contributed to avoidance in seeking mental health services. Additionally, need for education on mental health services available in the geographical location is necessary.

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