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Master of Social Work


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Morris, Teresa


Research reveals that there are high attrition rates and additional stresses common among online programs. Using the positivist paradigm, this study identified the relationship between stress and certain factors associated with an online Master of Social Work program at a University in Southern California. Four hypotheses were tested to determine if a significant relationship existed between stress levels and the factors of social connection, employment, family status, and year in the program. The study did not find significant relationships between stress levels and the four factors. However, the study revealed relationships exist between social connection and stress levels, employment and stress levels, family status and stress levels, and year in the program and stress levels. The research from this study will help individual online MSW students be aware of a potential cause of stress, enabling them to avoid it proactively or implement relevant coping strategies. This research project will help online MSW programs advertise and educate students about specific factors that may increase stress levels associated with the online program enabling them to reduce stress levels proactively.

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