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Master of Science in Special Education



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Nam, Sang


The COVID-19 outbreak led to restrictions, school closure, sickness, hospitalization, humanitarian crisis, and the rise of death total. With efforts from healthcare and government officials, the best reactive response was to limit personal interactions amongst large groups and to keep a certain distance to limit the spread of COVID-19. With these limitations, school environments have drastically changed to meet student’s educational needs by using distance learning. Special education provides an opportunity to educate students who have specific educational, social, and behavioral needs in which they are given individualized education programs (IEPs) where principles are met for their services. As education is delivered in a different format, the focus of this research study is to better understand the current condition of how special education teachers deliver services for students with disabilities. It addresses the delivery method of distance learning and the effectiveness of delivering special education services amid COVID-19. The participants have given constructive response within an interview format to better understand the usage of distance learning. The study includes seven special education teachers who provide special education services to students with disabilities participated in this study. Through qualitative analysis of interview transcripts, the following major themes were found: delivery methods, effectiveness of distance learning, advantages and disadvantages of distance learning, appropriate data tracking of goals, and support from the district. The findings will provide special educators with a better understanding of the realistic experience of distance learning for educators and what additional supports will contribute to education during COVID-19.