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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership and Curriculum

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Jesunathadas, Joseph



This quantitative study examined the perspectives of educators related to the inclusion of students with mild to moderate disabilities in general education classrooms. General education teachers, special education providers (e.g. education specialists, speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and school psychologists, etc.), and administrators were surveyed to obtain their perspectives regarding the inclusion of students with mild to moderate disabilities; into the general education classroom. The Inclusive School Program Survey (McLewesky, et al., 2012) was used with permission from James McLeskey who conducted similar research in 2001. The five-point Likert scale survey was utilized to obtain data from the groups within a school district in Southern California. There was a statistically significant difference in the perspectives of the educators who completed the survey. General educators had a statistically significant lower mean perspective compared to those of special education providers and administrators. Findings from this study support the need for educators, districts, and university personnel to design professional development trainings and college courses that promote the positive benefits of including students with mild to moderate disabilities into the general education classroom.