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Over the last decade, research studies have demonstrated that academic success has a significant impact on a child’s long-term outcomes (e.g., Duncan et al., 2007). The purpose of this project was to provide parents with the information and skills to help their child succeed in elementary school. A 6-session workshop titled Helping Your Child Succeed in Elementary School was created which included the following topics: attachment, parenting style, positive discipline, and creating an enriched home environment. After attending the workshop, the four parent participants reported an increase in their knowledge of the importance of establishing a secure attachment with their child, the importance of a parent’s parenting style, how to discipline without punishment, as well as the importance of creating an enriched home environment. Results are discussed in terms of how parenting is a skill which can be learned, and there are many benefits for parents who attend parent education workshops, including how to help children succeed in school. Future workshops could consider including fathers, teen parents, teachers, as well as offering the workshop virtually.