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Master of Arts in Child Development



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Wilcox-Herzog, Amanda


The American public library is a unique community presence that positively influences the lives of families as an out-of-school partner in education. By examining the public library through a systems lens using Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory the impact of these institutions may be seen. A key characteristic of public library service is timely, relevant adaptations that meet the needs of the community served. In this project, a recent public library pilot program is evaluated. This program was created in response to the emerging trend in Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) within schools and informal education opportunities. It was found that the program received a positive reception from the community and that the library in question was considered a valued educational resource by the program attendees. Overall, the results of the program evaluation demonstrate the community’s positive perception and appreciation of the library’s program offerings. The limitations and potential areas of further research within the overlapping field of library service and K-12 education are discussed.