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Master of Arts in Child Development



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Dr. Amanda Wilcox


Current research suggests that when children get the chance to play outdoors, they reap the benefits. However, in today’s society children aren’t outdoors very often. Children also don’t have very much time to play outdoors during recess time while in a school setting. The purpose of this project was to educate and inform elementary school principals about the importance and benefits that recess has on children, as well as help them become an advocate for recess. A video was created that focused on the benefits of outdoor play for children, the importance of recess for children, as well as ways in which principals can help to improve the recess experience for young children. The initial and post questionnaires indicated that the video did help the principals gain knowledge about not only the importance of recess for children, but the importance administrator involvement in advocating for recess. Overall, the video did complete the desired result of principals learning and understanding more about outdoor recess. Future research may consider having a larger group of participants from different regions and creating a collaborative in person group in which principals and administrators could be in the same room exchanging ideas.