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Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering

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Gomez, Ernesto


Interactive Student Planner is a web based application that will be used by students of California State University San Bernardino. The proposed system replaces the manual planner given to students by the school. This would allow a student to select courses for a quarter, keep track of homework due dates, create and manage project, create notes, create reports, prompts student for upcoming events, save and keep records of other students. A student can send project report as email to the professor, upload and download files easily. The manual way of storing information is not effective, since the student is limited in what to write and how to keep it safe. The on-line application fixes all these limitations in the manual system. The application is developed in APEX and runs on Oracle 11g as the back-end database. APEX is a data centric and a PL/SQL web application, and the application is built and runs on Windows Server 2012. The system is a mobile web based application and is compatible with most mobile phones irrespective of the operating systems and very responsive on tablets, and pc. In this project the required functionalities of the system will be explained, which includes APEX, web listener , Glassfish Server and how they will help in the deployment of the system. The system will provide a more efficient way of information processing with all the necessary security measures enforced.