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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


Information and Decision Sciences

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Son, Joon


This project implements an Multi-Level Security (MLS) lattice model framework based on a graph database by creating and testing the the Bell-LaPadula access control environment within it. The graph database (Neo4j) is used as a tool to implement MLS policy by leveraging Bell-LaPadula security principles and the MLS lattice model. After verifying that the MLS lattice model is correctly expressed in the graph database, a formal framework in which Bell-LaPadula security principles is applied to track the information flow within a single domain. Finally, we extend and enhance the formal framework so that a MLS security access control policy can be specified for the MLS multi-domain environment. With the new enhanced model, we are able to perform a query to verify if the subject in one domain can access to the object in another domain while the two domains are connected through a trust relationship.