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Master of Arts in Social Sciences and Globalization


Social Sciences

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Yeung, King-To


This research contains information on how much or if at all social media influences murder. Social media has such a big impact on the lives of many around the world, it is almost impossible to avoid. There is research on how social media effects brain processes and may even cause addiction. And there is research on why people commit murder, but there is little to no research on the role social media can play in some murders. Social media is almost like an alternate universe where people can pretend to be the people they want to be in real life, they filter and add what they want others to see. Not to mention they are able to say and do whatever they want to do because they are not held responsible for their words and actions.

The problem comes when people take what happens on social media and bring it into the real world. They take the actions and the words and give them power. In some results in suicide, crime, and in these cases murder. Murder is done from one human beings’ action to another; therefore, it is important to mention that social media cannot be responsible in someone’s death due to actions of others. However, it can play a role in why they decided to take their actions on step further.

In the cases found below there is reason to believe that if social media did not exist these murders would not have taken place. These murders were committed out of the heat of the moment, anger, and jealousy, all brought on my actions on social media from one person to the next. If social media did not exist these actions would not have taken place and both parties could be alive today. Social media allows people to not take responsibility for the words and actions. This research shows how much these words and actions can affect people around the world.