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Master of Social Work


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McAllister, Carolyn


This research study was to examine the effectiveness of the services provided at a Southern California rescue mission aimed at combating homelessness in the region. The Constructivist paradigm was used to examine the relevant services provided at this facility. The integrated approach is optimal to provide comprehensive service. Because of this, Functional Theory was the preferred theoretical orientation for this study. Participants were selected though critical case and maximum variation sampling. Data was gathered through questions asked by the researcher, and data analysis occurred using open coding. Findings supported the effectiveness of a comprehensive approach to combat homelessness which incorporates integrated departments providing outreach, medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment, employment, and housing services. Recommendations for the improvement of services at this site involved the implementation of weekly interdepartmental meetings and a uniform progression of services for all clients who enter the program. These findings have shown tangible applications for future evidence-based social work practice, specifically regarding the structuring and implementation of services aimed at combating homelessness.

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