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Master of Arts in Communication Studies


Communication Studies

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Muhtaseb, Ahlam


Social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are visual-based social media platforms that are popular among young women. One popular content many young women use on Snapchat and Instagram are beauty filters. A beauty filter is a photo-editing tool that allows users to smooth out their skin, enhance their lips and eyes, contour their nose, alter their jawline and cheekbones, etc. Due to these beauty filters, young women are now seeking plastic surgeons to alter their appearance to look just like their filtered photos (this trend is called Snapchat dysmorphia). This research study examines how these beauty filters and images that young women view and use on social media affect their perceptions of self and beauty. My participants consisted of 18 female college students who attend California State University, San Bernardino. Each participant was interviewed and asked questions regarding their social media experiences. My results indicate that many young women express how society’s beauty standards for young women play a role in their use of beauty filters and cosmetic surgeries. Overall, this study’s findings explain how beauty filters, fitspirations, and social media likes affect many young women’s perceptions of beauty and body image. By understanding why many young women use these beauty filters it can help and encourage companies to create reliable resources and campaigns that encourage natural beauty and self-love for women all around the world.