Date of Award


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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

First Reader/Committee Chair

Levine Sapozhnikov, Brooklyn


This research projects purpose was to research the prevalence of bullying/harassment in schools in a city within the Inland Empire. The city is left confidential to protect the confidentiality of study participants. The researcher utilized the post positivist approach to guide the research processes. The study was completed through interviews with parents which contained qualitative questions. The researcher will create a webpage that’s link was posted to Facebook city sites. This website lead to a more private location where research participants were able to gather more information about the study and sign up to participate.

The research participants needed to have a child who attends school in the city to be able to be a part of the research. Once the participants were gathered, they were contacted, and the process was explained to them. The researcher set up days and times to either meet in person or over the phone. The participants were interviewed and asked various open-ended questions about bullying/harassment in their child’s school. The researcher utilized a digital audio recording device to record the interviews. Only the audio was recorded to protect the participants confidentiality.

The answers to the questions were evaluated through the bottom up approach where open, axial and selective coding were used. This data analysis was inclusive of the conditional matrix. The researcher then identified the set of concentric circles which determined each different unit of influence.