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Master of Social Work


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Chang, Janet


Childhood trauma among children in foster care is a major concern in the child welfare system and its impacts often go unaddressed. The purpose of this study was to gain knowledge from a social worker’s view on early trauma intervention for children in foster care and their successful transition into adulthood. This study used an exploratory qualitative method to collect data through face-to-face interviews with 7 social workers who have experience working with foster children. This approach gained participant’s unique insights pertaining to their experiences working with children impacted by childhood trauma.

Data obtained from this study identified early trauma intervention is essential for children in foster care to contribute to their successful transition into adulthood. This study also found foster parents play a critical role in trauma interventions. Therefore, policies should be established to ensure foster parents and social workers are receiving adequate training. Further research would be beneficial to improve barriers in policy which challenge early trauma interventions.

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