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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Barragan, Armando Jr.


This research study explored the challenges of mental health-seeking services of college students of color in the San Bernardino area. College students of different ethnicities have unique needs and challenges that contrast with the general student population. Previous research stated that students of color deal with a greater number of unmet mental health needs and indicates a connection between mental health and attaining a college degree (Arria et al., 2013). To increase the utilization of mental health amongst students of color, this study aimed to identify the influencing factors that prevented students from help-seeking. The research design of this research study was a quantitative method approach. This research used demographic information, along with a survey. The findings of the research suggested that Latino students have a higher degree of perceived public stigma, thus presenting as a challenge for minority college students who are contemplating seeking mental health assistance. The findings of this study will assist social work practice with outreach interventions on seeking mental health services with greater cultural competence on college campuses. This study can help shape social work policy to focus on shifting how society views those receiving mental health treatment. The study contributed to the academic literature on minority student’s views of help-seeking attitudes regarding mental health.