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Master of Social Work


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Simon, James


This study examined the impact of a Child Custody Recommending Counseling (CCRC) orientation program on encouraging parental agreements in child custody and visitation cases. We used qualitative research methods by interviewing CCRC counselors to identify common case factors involved in obtaining full agreements. The interview questions addressed commonly noted case factors, perspectives of the mediators in regard to tools used by parents from the orientation programs, and areas of potential enhancement to the orientation. Eight mediators were interviewed, and their interviews were transcribed and thematically analyzed using conventional content analysis. As a result of this study, the themes that arose were the perceived effectiveness of the CCRC orientation and facilitators of effective mediation. It was apparent that attendance of the orientation and the tools that were provided in the program aided parents in forming agreements. Furthermore, parents who had established positive relationships with each other as well as the counselor’s style and office environment contributed to the manner in which parents were able to work together and form agreements.

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