In the half-light of the canyon

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



First Advisor

Delgado, Juan

Second Advisor

Paegle, Julie S.


This collection of poems is divided into five parts, each representing one of the Ancient Egyptian concepts of the "soul" adapted only slightly to serve the interest of the poetry included in the subsequent sections. The collection is divided into five sections of the soul, "Breath", "Body", "Name", Heart", and "Shadow". The poems in this collection concern themselves with the different modes of living, of impending and eventual death, and return to the Earth. These poems tell the stories of the living and explore what it means to experience life, while guessing at what it means to die. The author is aiming to reconnect human beings with their origins, whether it is a more personal based birth/death dynamic, or a more grandeur notion of elemental relationships between humans and insects, or humans and trees, flowers, fruit.

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