Communications of the IIMA


This paper essentially presents an exploration of the relationship between organizational culture and information systems management. Three contributions are offered namely the findings of a study of the organizational culture and information management competencies of five organizations in the Netherlands, with particular reference to the reliability of the measurements tool that was used, as well as an exploratory study of the relationship between organizational culture and the ability of an organization to manage its information systems. A brief review of the literature reveals that these two concepts in combination have been studied extensively, but that their conceptualization are somewhat fragmented in nature. In an effort to study the relationship using a more inclusive frame of reference the paper then presents a description of two models that were used the foundation for the design of a measurement tool to investigate the topic. The results provides a description of the general culture and information systems management abilities of the organizations and also suggest that the measurement tool is indeed reliable. Further analysis reveals that several variables from within each of the two main concepts, organizational culture and information systems management, are correlated