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Reginal Young was born in 1960 in Oklahoma City. Growing up in the projects of Oklahoma, he developed a passion for education as well as an awareness of his identity as a Black American. Later on, he came to California in 1981 and attended The National Education Center in San Bernardino. He became highly involved in his community and started his own company in 1986. Nonetheless in 1989, he fell into substance abuse and was incarcerated. While serving 3 months in jail, he gave his life to God and found a new purpose in serving his community. In this interview, Young discusses his experiences of helping his community through business and financial services for Black companies and churches. He also shares his religious journey and how it encourages him to help others in the community. Reginal discusses the importance of knowing where you came from and connecting his roots to Africa. Through his faith, passion for the black cause, and business skills, Young was able to make a profound impact in his community.


Interview conducted by Lea Cash.