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Virinecia Green-Jordan is a third generation educator. She was born in Chicago. Her and her family came to Los Angeles, then moved to Perris when she was 14 years old after the Watts riots. She shares her family history including the Coe family of Appalachia. She discusses early black community development in the Good Hope and Meade Valleys, the life and leadership of actor and lawyer Clarence Muse in the region, and the advocacy of Black homeowners who built the roads and community services in these rural areas of Riverside county. Green-Jordan discusses her career in special education and her leadership and advocacy for black students for 15 years on the board of education in Perris. She has helped build many schools in Perris, contributed her work to disabled students, Black students, STEM/STEAM students, and founded many organizations in Perris.


Interview conducted by Kaelie Lee (University of Redlands) and Kahalewai Wallace (NextGen United).