Wisdom in Education


International Education, China, study abroad


This 2011 study abroad analysis written on a sojourn to Xian and Beijing is a product of several constructs: culture shock, intellectual curiosity, cross-cultural comparisons and interviews performed by the author. The reflections are multifold and mostly concern school visitations, architecture, tourist sites, and travel in general and read as commentaries of a blogger on his sojourn. The article concludes with an intellectual observation that implied challenges connected to cross-cultural examination, especially when comparing schooling, education, and pedagogical issues.

Author Statement

Author, Tomasz Stanek, is a recent 2012 EdD graduate of CSUSB College of Education, a community college teacher and a scholar interested in a variety of research from history, migrations and diaspora, modern conflicts to education and educational theory. Dr Stanek teaches at Chaffey College and lectures at University of California, Riverside Extension School.

Email contact: tomasz.stanek@chaffey.edu tomasz.stanek@vvc.edu tomasz@post.harvard.edu