Wisdom in Education


holistic education, integrative education, spirituality


In this observational and reflective essay, I would like to discuss my experience with a type of assignment offered for educators in a holistic and integrative masters program who are interested in professional growth. I call this a “No Time” assignment and have found this type of assignment to be powerful in facilitating teacher growth, reasonably easy to formulate, and requiring little time outside of the educator’s normal activities. In this essay I will (1) briefly summarize a framework for the essence of a “No Time” assignment based on a perspective of spirituality in education, (2) describe the basic components of a “No Time” assignment, and (3) further clarify “No Time” assignments through examples from my work integrating the assignments into course work for the MA in Education, Holistic and Integrative Education program.

Author Statement

Dr Bob London is a professor in the College of Education at California State University San Bernardino.